Paramount Will Provide Movies to Redbox Without Delay



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Talcum X

 It's just less than a mile down the road and only $1. Not every new release is available and there are many older ones there as well, but ya cant beat the price.


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This has actually made me not watch movies purely out of principle. Until these companies get it through their head that customers are not cattle they can corral into doing what they want. I understand that they are trying to generate more money, oh wait, I have an idea how about you quit making remakes and sequals and film something that is actually worth buying. Consumers are being bombarded by this type of behavior on many fronts and though one or two companies can get away with it, over time consumers are going to become hostile when every company treats them like this. Bottom line, the media companies all need to be slapped, and slapped hard either by the public of the govt for their treatment of consumers... might as well put some ISPs/Cell Phone Carriers, and maybe even some game developers in that mix as well. And I don't want to forget Apple.... they need smacked harder than anyone else IMO.



While I have a few burned DVD's and downloaded a few from BitTorrent, I still prefer to buy and have a collection of aver 200 store bought DVD's.  If Hollywood wants to keep me buying, then they need to keep the price reasonable.  $19.99 for ANY DVD is too much.  When they start showing up at Wal-Mart for $13.00, then I start buying. 



All I ever do is rent. I never buy (or pirate). 


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If I was already waiting to rent a movie to watch it, why would they think that making me wait a little longer to rent would push me over the edge and buy it? My shelves are already full of watched-just-once discs.



A release window would not make me more likely to buy a movie but it would make me much more likely to download it.  I use Redboxes all the time but if they don't want my money I guess that's fine by me.

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