Pandora Founder Outlines Ambitious Plans to Rake in Revenue



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I love Pandora because it is nothing like radio stations, which are 60% ads sometimes. What do I do in the car? Switch the station the instant I hear commercials, I really hate them. This is also why I don't watch shows live, with DVR, I skip the commercials. Watching the World Cup was awesome, why? No room for commercials. I loved it. I already use Pandora a lot less because of the commercials they have on it now. GrooveShark, on the other hand, is used much more by me.



XM radio is great in the car also slacker radio is better than pandora it lets you blacklist entire bands and has preset stations that you can look through.



on Pandora if you give a thumbs down for 2 songs from a single band, nothing from that band will be played again unless you have thumbed up one of their songs previously.


Mighty BOB!

And it also has preset stations..


No ads if you pay for a subscription.  Although interestingly, with the right add-ons for Firefox you can block the visual ads, and somehow you can also block the "commercials" too.  (In the past, I never got a single audio commercial from Pandora, while in the same room my roommates were getting them.  They may have changed the code now though since I haven't been a free user in like a year or something.)

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