Panda Internet Security 2011 Receives High Grade from AV-Test



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Nice review. But, I prefer using NOD as my antivirus. Panda is kinda lack of weight. I dunno what people think about this antivirus. But, I think Panda is really light for low end comp.

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Umm, so, is there a reason you're reporting in pretty glowing terms that Panda passed the tests - only to find it come in at 8th place? Surely news that is useful to your readers would have been to report who made 1st place (BitDefender - Internet Security Suite 2011)?

Could it be that Panda advertises in Maximum PC more often than BitDefender, or the other 6 AV programs that beat them?



They didn't say that it came in 8th place.  They said that it received an 8 rating. 



I've been using Microsoft Security Esstentials for months now and I love it.  It's so lightweight and it has kept me 100% secure.  I wouldn't reccomend anything else but MSE.


Number Six

F-Secure seemed to beat Panda handily.  I like F-Secure's 100% detection of rootkits.  At least if you need to nuke your PC from space just to be sure, F-Secure will let you be sure:


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