Panda Cloud Antivirus Upgraded with Faster Scan Engine, Better Malware Detection



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I've even dropped AVG, or was it Avast!, regardless, I've dropped one of them for Microsoft Security Essentials, it updates with-in Windows Update, and it's all the virus protection you really need. Not to mention it's embedded into Windows, it just seems simpler, easier. And I haven't had any problems with it so far, about 6 months of using it.



Does anyone here actually use this? I'd be interested in some feedback on the quality of service and actually useful features present in this. What kind of active monitoring is available, and at what level of intrusiveness? This has a ton of potential, but I'm still wary of 'the cloud' since I still find it a very vulnerable state to have information stored in. I've used AVG Free for the better part of 8 years now. How would this compare?

Also, about the community based firewall. What kind of vetting goes into making sure that is secure? I think its a GREAT idea to have cloud/open sourced firewall software, however this would also make it a major risk for someone to input a backdoor or other routing to create an on-demand botnet or other zombie network with little to no interruption or detection.



I don't see how it is "vulnerable" to have information stored in the cloud. For one thing, it's not like it's personally identifiable info, it's just the various malware signatures and such, that are continuously updated by users of the AV, who I assume flag software and such.

The community firewall assumably works the same way, with people's approval/disapproval of a specific software used to decide whether a certain executable is allowed to open certain ports. I don't understand how you could somehow insert a backdoor in something like this, other than perhaps falsifying positive testimony for specific code.

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