Panasonic Surfaces with "Jungle" Handheld Gaming Console



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Peanut Fox

This has to be a joke or some kind of sizzle reel for an idea that never got past the talking stage.  I can't conceive  that Panasonic would want to meet Nintendo on their own turf.  Even if this is legit, and they plan to follow through.  They will need some serious bank to lure 3rd parties to make titles for the device.  Cause we all know that Panasonic has loads of 1st party titles that folks are lining up to buy and that 3rd parties are having huge success on the PSP and would love to port some development over to another handheld.


If they can get Google to back it, and it's running Android 3.0 at launch.  They might sell all of one.  To be fare, I've been known to eat crow.  However, I'm willing to pull it out on this one.  



I dunno. Portible MMOs is something that I don't think anybody has actually really tried to do yet. I'd give Panasonic a shot. They might actually be able to pull this off, if they do it right.

Granted, it'll be a very niche system, but...


Peanut Fox

I asked myself why there are no portable MMOs, and the only answer I could come up with is that the experience would be terrible.  For example.  You've got your cheetoes, your drink, and your fav butt cushion.  You then sit down in front of your portable device for some hours of MMO playing.  You are now gifted with a tiny screen, tiny keyboard, and a console control setup for what the PC would excel at.  I can't see anything good about this.  Is an ultra portable laptop that big of a leap that you'd take a handheld over it?


I'm not saying it can't work, but for me at least.  What I seek out of portable gaming is not the same thing I'm after when I sit down at home.  I typically want something I can do in an hour or less.  If I can't reach a "book mark" in the game within that, then I'd rather play it at home.  There would have to be a lot of reimagining of  how to make an MMO if you want to go portable.

In the end, the PSP would be a better platform to launch something like this.  You've got a huge install base from a reputable gaming company to work with, vs nothing.  If there is ever going to be a successful MMO on a portable device.  I think it's going to have Pokemon in the title.

On a side note, have you ever herd of Monster Hunter on the PSP?  It's about as MMO as things get for portable.  It also happens to work pretty well.

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