Panasonic Not Completely Sold on OLED TVs



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Man.  The only competing technology for LCD OR Plasma was SED, and it's stillborn.

Seriously, OLED does not appeal to me.  Not if the subpixels still die at significantly different rates.  I like my televisions to work for as long as possible.  The current market pressure on me to change my TV every four years or so is so ridiculous.

SED, for those not in the know, combined the best elements of LCD and CRT...each pixel had its own electron emitter that contacted a phospher subpixel...and since electron-emitters are quite cheap these days (especially ones that don't have to rotate beams), you had an excellent solution that was low cost, high contrast, and each pixel could be made so small as to allow 4000p monitors.

I wish the lawsuits over the technology would just be dropped, or someone would buy the pertinent patents.

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