Palm Pre 2 Spotted in the Wild



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They definitely need to improve on the hardware, a dual core processor, 800 x 480 screen (if not better), much improved battery life - as my current Pre does not even last a day with push email (needs better exchange support too), on screen keyboard option as the slide out keyboard is just to small to type on, which leads to teh other problem, the screen is just to small - 3.6" should be the minimum size. HP/Palm needs to exceed the curve, not just match it if they want to keep and expand their customer base. The OS is great, but if you have a phone with yesterdays hardware and one that is fragile to boot, it will not sell. I myself am looking to trade up to an Andorid or Windows Phone 7 phone (when it comes to Sprint). Tired of waiting on Palm to refresh their hardware, and I need something that will just work, and will not break down all the time.



I imagine this is just a minor upgrade to keep the Pre fresh. The high end phone(s) will be out in January as HP has stated. This will give them more depth as they will have hardware that will appeal to most users based on style, price and performance.



Same screen size? Same resolution? Just a little flatter with a new battery door? Palm/HP is riding the fail boat here with full momentum. Sure, this might run smooth but my original Pre really is no slouch either, but I'm not a phone gamer so it's a moot point. Just give me WebOS 2.0 for my original Pre and all is good.

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