Palm Pre 2 Specs Outed by French Carrier



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I really liked the form factor of the Pre. I've been using a basic flip phone for 5 years now and have gotten spoiled with having a small form factor phone. It seems like everyone else is pushing for larger screens, which is nice for those who use them as mini-computers, but I don't want to lug around something twice the size of my wallet.

Either way, I can't stomach the cost of the data plan. So I'll just keep on making due with a phone that...makes calls, doesn't need to be charged every day, and can be dropped without exploding.



I was a Palm Pre early-adopter - picked one up on day one. I moved on after a year when my 1-year contract was up. There were no usable/useful apps on it. In a sense, the WebOS eco-system just lacked that something. It was just a poorly executed product - where software, app, and hardware didn't seem to work in harmony. I felt like I was using an incomplete package after having used an iPhone previously. I'm keeping an eye on Windows Mobile 7 at the moment.

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