Palm on Earnings: Brace for Bad News



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I like the pre better than the iphone and the droid. I wish sprint had the pre+ though the extra ram would be nice. But I have no complaints about it.



I'm a former Palm and Apple employee, Palm and iPhone developer and I've had issue with releasing anything for the webOS since volume is questionable.  Therefore, I sent an email to Jon Rubinstein explaining that a lack of a story for the webOS makes it tough to recommend to anyone who's in the market for a phone and tough to want to develop for.  We know what the narrative is for the other mobile handsets out there, eg: Blackberry is about enterprise messaging, iPhone about media consumption and user experience, Windows Mobile is portable Windows (basically) and the Android is about Google power (and nothing special interface wise, though since it feels like a throwback to old versions of Windows Mobile at best).  But the Palm?  It's hard to say.  Sure, Synergy can pull from social networks to complete it's address book, but beyond that, what is the story to the consumer?  It's not media, it does not seem to be messaging, the user interface is not mind blowing, hell the webOS moniker is questionable at best since the phone doesn't seem to be connected to the web (eg: no push notifications for social network updates ala MotoBlur), so what is the value prop to the consumer?

Jon responded to me by simply thanking me for the feedback, but clearly I am no one so there's no reason to defend Palm's position or spell things out for me.  



Yeah, I totally agree with you. There's nothing UNIQUE about the Pre. There's nothing about the Pre that would make a consumer go "Wow, I gotta have that functionality!" I'm sick of my Pre already. For Yahoo mail, I have to manually retrieve the mail everytime...the push-thing hasn't been working since day-one. The text-message thread-thing is horrible. Sometimes, when I want to go back to a text message to see what day we had that particular conversation per-se for business-related matters, all it would say is "Received one week ago". I mean, how hard is it to just have a date-stamp on the text-message? My cellphone from 2004 could do that.

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