Palm Applies for 'PalmPad' Trademark, webOS Tablet Incoming?



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Was maxiPad taken? Cause it doesn't sound too much different than a PalmPad.



Palmpad was a device created by GRiD Systems of Fremont, CA in the early 90's.

 It was a Pen And Display (PAD, get it?) that fit in the palm of your hand.  GRiD introduced the first publically available handheld pen based unit, about the size of a iPad, called the GRiDPad...  But at about 4 pounds, obviously not as sexy as an iPad.

 GRiD was a privately owned company throught he 80's and manufactured the laptop that flew in the space shuttles.

 GRiD was purchased by Tandy Corporation as a wholey owned subsidiary and after a few years was sold off to AST along with Tandy's computer manufacturing facilities.  GRiDPen which became PenRight! was sold to Symbol around that time.

 So... I don't know what this means, if anything, for their trademark application.

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