Palm App Catalog Nearing 1,000 App Mark



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If anyone remembers Palm's history, the debacle with the Palm Pre apps i seven more amazing. I've owned Palm devices for 13 years, starting with the Palm Pilot, followed be a total of 7 different PDA's. What really made them work was the easy access to thousands of third-party software programs. Palm was doing an app store a decade before Apple ever released the iPhone. With that history, plus with the obvious success of the app store, it's a major screw up by Palm managment to not have an app store up and running the day they released the Pre. Major f-up.


Theatre Booth Guy

A gift from Palm for the new year - they made it to the 1,000 app mark!  Now that they have that landmark, hopefully, there is a slowing down of app spam (Brighthouse anyone?).



Yep, good news.  And don't forget the homebrew scene too.  Big release today, Doom is available!

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