Palit, Gainward Introduce The U.S.'s First 4GB GTX 680 Graphics Cards



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I don't get it, then again I'm swapping out a $2 fan on some bargain bin Asus card so low powered the new one is fan less; seems like overkill but could probably run Vista without stuttering.



These cards are available to purchase in Europe. As for the USA? I contacted both Palit and Gainward. Here were my responses first from Gainward:

Dear Sean,

Thank you very much for your interest in our products!

The GTX680 Phantom will be available to latest end of the month, but unfortunately not in the United States. You would have to purchase the card from Europe which would cause large shipping costs. We don’t plan to cooperate with distributions / resellers in the U.S. at the moment. You can find a list of our partner etailers / distributions on our website (link -> Choose the country and the etailer category to get the list.

If you have further questions about our product range or our company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Markus Blume

And now Palit:

Dear customer

We’re sorry that GTX 680 series graphic cards won’t be shipped to USA so far.
Please be notified thanks.

Palit Support
Palit Microsystem Ltd.



8 times the total system memory of a Xbox 360...FWIW. Still pretty impressive.

To think that I thought 1 GB of GDDR was amazing; I still have old cards lying around with 256 & 64 MB of RAM ;)

I need to upgrade, badly, but I'm not an NVidia fan. Life sucks when you aren't an NVidia fan or an Intel fan due to bad experiences. C'Mon AMD...somebody...anybody??

I also wonder how much power this beast will suck up.



I saw some benchmarks at some site or t'other. The 4GB made about a 2-5% difference in the high end specs (2560x 1440 4AA ^). So if there is any o/c headroom, might be a good buy at +$100 over stock.



listen idiot....! tri coolers? one is the gpu fan, the two other are card fans for all other chips like memory and the board in general...



thats the future of gaming and the xbox 720 will be 4gb memory, which i find orgasmic in the gaming industry. we have reached a point, this videocard is xbox 720 all the way. lol but just wait until games are setup to this level of performance and memory.



No voltages above 1.175V = piece of crap 680. OEM's keep pushing these 3 fan 3 slot 680's and because they're still using the reference pcb, you can't reach clock high enough to make the extra cooling worth it.



This is just another paper launch, why is it so hard to get a GTX 680 in the US?



Because it's always hard to get every top-end videocard at launch.



I doubt that statement is necessarily true...
The AMD 7900 series didn't seem to have this problem.



were talking a dramatic increase in performance.... the last time i saw this performance was the 7600 vs 8600 and the 260 that came out with 1gb.

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