Palin's E-Mail Id Hacked Using Social Engineering, One Person Quizzed



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At least this proves that in america you can litteraly be anything you want... a dumbass can become a canidate for VP...



haha wow looks like someone needs a cookie or a hug.... look at this, people are debating politics in maxpc articles. what is this world coming too..... honestly i think that it's  no big deal she had her email hacked. heck nothing was found so that's even a plus for her doubters. in all honesty she should get a better way of keeping things secure if shes our vice president but i think it'll be easy enough for her to get someone to show her what to do. no biggy. just news.... not necessarily good or bad... just news... now if obama got hacked it would be a different story  ^_^ jk i would probably care less hah 



Beastman I don't know where you get off telling people exactly what they can and can't say on their own website, knock it off and shut your yap, if you don't like it then leave.  Their house, their rules.  I think its very accurate to make a statement regarding the insecure nature of email such as yahoo which is techie.  Yes, nothing illegal was found in her email, however it is against the law to use email when you are a public servant conducting official business.


Darth Ninja

Well it looks like article angered one republican already *cough* sixfivebeastman *cough*. 

I have to say, using yahoo for gov biz, she had it coming.
Also the wiki-leaks page is still up:





MaximumPC is not a political magazine.  As such, would you mind keeping the political crap in your personal blogs or on another website?

Also, you say that, "the hack has exposed Palin's inexpedient habit of conducting state business using a personal e-mail acount."  Oh dear god, not that!  Such a scandal!  If anything illegal or even "shady" had been found by the hackers it would be all over the news, but no such e-mails were found.  Why do you insist on trying to create a scandal where there is none?  Leave the political commentary and coverage to the morons with their own political sites and stations.  This is a tech magazine, and it should stay that way.  Let's keep the other crap out of this arena, capice?



Agreed, keep it techy.



If she is going to use private email accounts for state business, just so that she can shield herself from accountability and conduct business in secret, she got what she deserved.

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