Packard Bell Steps in to Join the Netbook Crowd



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Packard Bell is still a company. I thought they were just some old dusty abandoned warehouse somewhere near Future Magazine. (I'm talking about your ranting, Gordon.) I have fond memories of my PentiumI Packard Bell with 32MB of RAM running Windows 98 Second Edition. Too bad Packard Bell didn't care about the consumer.






Rosewill? the "bargin" netbook? 


Ooooh....  Fisher Price?  VTech?! Leap Frog?



I think I will be next on the market with a netbook.  I'll buy some of the current ones, paint them, put some new stickers on them and distribute them through the local smaller computer shops/stores.  I'll sell them for $100 more than I have in them and make a killing.  And since I can just refer them to the parent company like Asus or whoever else then I never have to do tech support and I can just sit back and rake in the money.



Since the only thing driving sales for Apple's overpriced hardware is the Holy OS that won't run legally on anything else, don't hold out hoping that they'll cannibalize their macbook sales with a netbook. 

Sony may eventually cave and create a netbook, but I'd expect it to use proprietary audio ports, USB ports, hard drive interface, etc...

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