Packard Bell Pushes Out HD Media Player



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Sebie Kay

The biggest shock was hearing that Packard Bell was still around. WOW!  I thought they went the way of the Titanic. They had a serious lack of both innovation and quality parts (sounds a lot like most of the modern system builders, doesn't it?)  

 I don't know what to say.  I'm just still in shock at hearing they are still around.  WOW! :S 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



They went down in North America, but kept going and did well in Europe.



The AC Ryan POHD or Mini does all this, and alot more, now.



Keith E. Whisman

Welcome to Packard Bell manufacturer of the positively worthless POS computers known to man.

PB.. No this is like the South Rising again or the Nazis taking power in Germany again or the Communists taking power in Russia again...

Isn't this in the bible the end times or something. The AntiChrist...

Packard Bell mathematically converts to 666 if you carry the 1 or something like that.  



They may have been the definition of suck in North America, but they've been doing fine in Europe.

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