Ozzy Coming to BlizzCon? Stranger Things Have Happened



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So Ozzy's going? meh, cool. And? I mean it's great but Blizzard has no problem selling out without selling out if you get my drift. It would be nice to see a staff member that actually played the game regularly give a few insider reviews. Is there any excuse for MaxPC not to cover BlizzCon? It's only a 4-5 hour trip driving.



He wasn't fighting Illidan, that was last expantion.  He met up with Arthas the Wrath King.  AKA the other prince of Darkness.

 If your gonna mock us at least use the right info....I know almost all Furture employees are WOW haters.



Wrath King? you mean the Lich King.



 obvious he concacotnoated it like Bradjelina is Brad and Angelina Wrath King is Wrath of the Litch King




or he's a noob.

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That's a lot of pent up rage you've got there. Where is the mocking in that article?



Yeah...alot...comes from listening to the MXPC and PCG podcasts.  Like Ozzy would be the only reason to go.  You won't see MXPC or making the trip to cover Blizzcon and shoot the costumes there like Comic Con, even though Blizzard is PC centric.  At least I don't remember them doing it last year and when I searched the site I couldn't find anything. 

 And yes, I meant to write Wrath of the Lich King.  My rage must have overtaken me

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