Overrated and Underrated Tech - Exposed!



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I would go with ultra-portable because of performance as well, I would only buy a mini if budget forced me to.


For the media players, I would go with iPod because of ease of use, and regular updates. I have only used the Zune once, but from what I have done I would change the way the menus and buttons work. That's the biggest issues...I will easily give it a second chance, but for now I'm stuck with my 60GB (yes, that one), until the battery dies out.


I am actually turning to Vista. After a problem with performance, no matter what I did to it after a fresh install, and now having a sketchy time playing games (they quit randomly), I am installing Vista.



Although the list is from PC world, your arch nemesis, the list is fairly accurate. The standout for me was the Zune and its underated status, because it really is. I have an original black 30gb and its still kicking ass with the help of frequent firmware updates. Kudos to Microsoft for making an iPod killer, the only problem is society has established that anything less than an iPod is crap. We'll atleast true geeks understand what's good.

Oh, and an honorable mention is the Thinkpad, just got a new T400 and I'm very pleased. Thinkpad's were better when IBM made them, but they still remain the best notebooks on the market.




I agree on the Ipod thing Andy.  Its funny though all my friends who bought them have returned them for some reason or another.  And two have also bought MS Zune. 




that's funny, considering the Zune runs on some of the crappiest software.  Two of my friends have Zunes, and their software randomly closes when they're using it.

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