Overclockers Set GPU Frequency Record with MSI's N580GTX Lightning and N560GTX-Ti Hawk Cards



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Number Six

I'm still pleased witth my P5156 3DMark2011 score with my i7-930 and GTX 560Ti:


The latest NVIDIA drivers should bump it up past 5500.  I'll retest in about a month.




I guess this is sort of cool and all, but I'm more interested in STABLE overclocks on air or water and not what someone hit for five seconds on some exotic stuff. Get back to me when you make a Sandy Bridge do six gigahertz and pass Prime 95 for a couple hours without starting a fire.



they COULD do that, but it would be expensive as heck.



hard to argue expensive when this test is also super expensive.. not something the average joe is going to just build and set up on a whim,  uber high end boards, chips, and cards along with a very good cooling system and case and power supply all go into it, not to mention the electric bill for operating the dang thing.

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