Ouya to Have OnLive's Game Streaming Service at Launch



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I looked through the OnLive library. Not a lot of games I really want to play. Many are Sega Genesis ports and a few games I can get on the Wii. If Ouya can also stream Netflix it will be my next console purchase



Glad to see some competition and some gamer friendly choices.



I love this, I love variety, and I love freedom of choice. If this isn't proof that new concepts can be wildly successful, let this stand as the first wave in the console world to shake things up a bit. I don't know that I've ever been this excited for a console before, and not because of any specific games or features. It's just the fresh and tasty newness that comes along with a first-time contender in the console world boxing ring that really excites me. Also, I hope OnLive delivers as it should, because if anything, OnLive should make this console as profitable and recent as any other console (internet connection permitting).




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