Outspoken Acer Chief Tells Microsoft to Tread Carefully on Surface



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I am not a big fan of Acer hardware, it has usually been cheap and not worth it. Everyone has there preferences on a "good" and "quality" system of course.

I personally think the Surface is going to be a very compelling alternative in the tablet market compared to the iPad. In fact I actually think the iPad lacks my needs and I opted out of buying it due to no usb port and a very closed system that was far to dependant on the App Store, but then again most mobile OS are moving to that model. I like the centralization, but I hate the poor options of free apps. On my PC I can get quality software for free, thanks to open source materials. Not to mention that Apple has been being quite ridiculous with all the patent issues. (Samsung notably)



Why are any companies complaining about this? Why not take from Microsoft's design and learn from it, or expand on it? It's not like Microsoft is restricting its software to its own hardware, like what Apple is doing. If people would just look on the bright side...



This isn't just an Acer issue. Several companies have now come forward with similar statements and I would be willing to bet Dell, HP, etc are having these conversations internally.

Microsoft just went from partner to competitor with these companies. Since MS makes most of its revenue selling software on other companies hardware, they better have it in the bag before starting their own hardware line.



Well, here's the reality of it all. Windows is everything to these vendors. That's all they have, so MS has that in the bag. Secondly, these hw manufacturers are putting out absolute garbage in any space (tablet, desktop, laptop etc.) so someone needs to step up to put out something with substance. That someone is the company behind the sw. Maybe the other muppets will get in line and start to look at putting out a competent and, more importantly, competitive product.



These companies do have other alternatives and they all have some experience with it. Like it or not, they can use Linux. I know what you say, Linux can't do this, bad driver support, blah, blah, blah. But if these companies began supporting on unified distro, then these problems would no longer exist.



Well, I will predict the success of MS's Surface initiative with one word: Zune.

And that's all I have to say about that.



The zune had good hardware and software....it was just late to the game.

But the surface is likely late as well.



It's still more of Acer saying "Microsoft, please leave." and bawwing about it.

Honestly, as the article said MS is taking a risk in the tablet market and would risk to lose more if it fails. You'd think the other folks dealing with tablets would be bawwing about it more than Acer would be. But if Acer is the first to complain that goes to show they fear something.

All I know is that their laptops tend to be garbage. I've had the most outlandish problems (not induced by customers messing the machine up) on Acer systems (aside from Gateways of course).

Though I imagine this will also be a failure (not because Windows 8 in general), due to MS tending to flop half the time in other realms (such as the phone business for one).



"Acer". What is that name supposed to mean? Just the word alone sounds so cheap and generic. Why not name it ACME? At least it's a name we can all relate to. It's corporations like these that have ruined the Windows brand worse than what Microsoft themselves have. That said, Microsoft cannot complain about OEMs anymore until they start getting better taste in them.



I don't see your point. I have a $500 Acer laptop that is infinitely better than any Dell, HP, or Lenovo laptop that I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. It has a big, beautiful 17" screen, supports a dual hard drive configuration, and the RAM/NIC/Hard drives are all easily accessible and upgradeable - all for $500. I would recommend Acer/Gateway (same hardware manufacturer) over any other mainstream brand out there right now. What is Acer doing to "ruin the Windows brand"? Microsoft puts out a crap o/s every other release, but still forces you to 'upgrade' with the threat of no support.

You also state that Microsoft needs "better taste" in OEMs. News flash chief: MS doesn't choose OEMs (though they can grant better pricing based on volume), OEMs choose Microsoft, which is exactly the point of the article. In challenging OEMs with their own hardware platform, Microsoft is rather biting the hand that feeds it. There is an old saying...don't sh*t where you eat.



There are other operation systems. Maybe its time for Acer to whip up some version of Unix for their hardware, just like Apple did?



Acer, if you don't want to be left in the dust, stop making shit. There's competition and you just have to suck it up and deal with it.



The fact of the matter ACER is that you tend to build garbage. When attempting to compete against the iPad, that simply won't do. Enjoy your 1% margins.



All kings grow old and die,making room for new ones.



What people are missing is that the reason why this move is upsetting OEMs is that Microsoft, in manufacturing their tablets, don't have to pay for the 80-85 dollars per unit for the Windows RT license. OEM's who have been tightly controlled by Microsoft in the production of Windows tablets do.

That being said, there isn't a reason why tablet makers and OEMs like Acer can't build around the much more popular Android platform.



Apple Created Windows 8 because they forced Microsoft to do it.



Well, you can either provide a better product than the Surface or you lose anyway. When Google and Microsoft step in and put forth a "first party" product for their OS's it means they're setting the bar because, left to do everything themselves, OEM's crank out tons of crap that bury the rare quality devices. Make something better, Acer, or you lose. That's business.



I see no reason to encourage Microsoft not to add additional nails in their coffin. It may not be the end of the Redmond Giant, but those days are approaching.



What's it like on your planet?



Hahaha! Toasty!



You're out of your mind.



Acer doesn't use Microsoft products in its tablets, nor do most companies. This foray is really not too different than any of Microsoft's gaming or peripheral hardware. They compete with someone. There are no real "alternatives" to Windows OS for PCs as it stands either. Nothing but saber rattling by Wang (who's a ass anyway).



First off the Surface Pro is going to be wicked awesome and secondly Acer is just silly with this. What are you gonna do Acer put linux on all your systems?

Acer should think of it like this... Microsoft wants a product that will essentially crush Apple and usher a new dependancy on Microsoft products and Surface is the first in line. Acer your job is to see this product and improve upon it. In my opinion Surface has all you'd ever need and then some when it comes down to specs. Ipad is on its third iteration and the darn thing still doesn't have a usb or hdmi port that you dont have to plug into your darn 31 pin connector! Screw your fancy retina screen and Give me peripherals!!!



Microsoft had to do this to compete with the Apple Ipad, we all know this. Pushing new design and inovation. If microsoft sits around waiting for oems to create something that'll compete with the Ipad microsoft would mostlikely end up with hemoroides sitting arround. Yet, I still don't hear any oems saying anything about the Nexus7. Like sundropdrinker3 said compete its an open market. unless you are samsung, right apple?



Well correct me if im wrong but the Nexus 7 is made by ASUS and not Google themselves. Microsoft is planning on making the hardware for the surface themselves.


Peanut Fox

This doesn't sound like the Acer company that was saying they'd be the number one PC manufacture in North America by now.

The wording of his plea is a bit strange. Almost like a backhanded comment. "It's not something that you're good at so please think it over"



Acer, grow a pair and compete. Offer a better product for a lower price. The only thing your bitching is doing is saying that you are afraid.

Microsoft has said that this is going to be their only foray into tablets. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen of course, but you sound like a bunch of babies.

If you do actually stop selling Microsoft OS tabs, then all you are doing is ensuring that Microsoft stays in the tab market.



"If you do actually stop selling Microsoft OS tabs, then all you are doing is ensuring that Microsoft stays in the tab market."

And almost guaranteeing their (ACER's) complete and utter exit from the segment altogether. I don't know a single soul who happens to own an ACER tablet. Maybe they should just stick to making disposable laptops and desktops.

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