Outdated Law from 1980s Blocks Netflix from Releasing a Facebook App in the U.S.



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Netflix app for facebook? Seriously? Get on facebook to watch Netflix everyone!!! It is the happening thing to do. Seriously, I am appalled that such a thing even exists as a Netflix app on facebook. ‘But facebook is for sharing’ yes, it is. And believe me, there is absolutely NO limit to sharing on facebook. There is not one single thing that facebook prevents from being shared, in fact there are things that end up being shared that was not meant to be.
If you want to share the names, dates, and times of what movies/tv shows, etc. you watch that’s easy! Go on the site, enter the information and post it on your profile for people to view. And this way you can include things you watch outside of Netflix! That’s even better!



Well if a user signs up for a Netflix Facebook app.. it would be the user disclosing their own information, not Netflix, right?
And if netflix has a user agreement you have to agree to when signing for the App (like many FB apps do) then they have a written consent too.

What am I missing?



This law protects our privacy, no one needs to know what we watch, unless we agree to reveal that information.



Fuck that, it's a law that actually protects our privacy quit painting it like it's a bad thing. They could just release an app and not fucking store our info.

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