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Now we just need a pic of Gordon sporting Vibrams and Gunnars with an LED watch and holding an Arctic Blue Laser!



I hope the magazine is not like MaximumPC where I need a magnifying glass to read it.



I picked up the new magazine this weekend.  Excellent work.  Looking forward to purchasing both magazines, as long as the content of Maximum Tech does not mirror Maximum PC's content (as it seems to have done a bit in this first issue).  Haven't had a chance to watch the HTPC build video yet, but it should be interesting.  Keep up the good work.



I'm looking forward to getting the new Maximum Tech magazine (haven't seen it on the mag rack at work yet). I'm especially interested in the S3 Spyder Arctic laser.

Last month I noticed a new ad here for Gunnars and two weeks ago, after my eyes were particularly sore, I clicked the ad and bought the indoor Halogen. I've had them for about a week and my eyes have thanked me. Normally I wait for good reviews, but since I'm already sold, I'm more interested in a Maximum PC white paper style article on how Gunnars really work, or at least what they're filtering out. Their marketing hype is flashy, but I'm hoping for more substance. Perhaps you could also shed more light on their 3D and outdoor offerings as well.

I'm also interested in the matte black George style sunglasses at http://www.dillonoptics.com I first noticed them on Lock & Load with R. Lee Ermey and decided that their satin finish was something I needed covering my eyeballs. Since he uses them while shooting guns, I figure they also function as impact resistant safety glasses, important as I would also wear them while riding my motorcycle.

You mentioned watches, and I've also got my eyes on the Special Ops Black Hawk at http://www.specialopswatch.com/ I imagine the embedded LEDs will really come in handy. I think Jack Bauer wears one...

Lastly, my next tech related purchase will probably be Surefire's V2 Vampire. I'm reasonably sure the infrared LED will come in handy with my camcorder's Night Shot mode.

I look forward to much more cool tech from you guys, especially if it has tactical applications, the Zombie Apocalypse could be upon us, but even if it isn't, as long as you're prepared for Zombies, you're pretty much prepared for anything, like earthquakes and volcanoes and the looting and rioting that may come in the aftermath.

Live long and prosper.

-Major Tom



I spoke with one of Gunnar's co-founders a few weeks ago for about 45 minutes -- this for a mini-feature on high-tech sunglasses that's coming up in Oct or Nov. Their classes sort of epitomize the Maximum Tech charter, insomuch as they're designed with real scientific research, and are made with high-tech materials... and are intended for people who work in high-tech! I don't have my notes with me, but I can tell you that Gunnar enlisted the help of the medical and technology communities to give the glasses a number of interesting features to reduce eyestrain and increase comfort during long hours spent in front of a display. Hey, thanks for link on Dillon Optics. I will be emailing/calling them for sure!



Awesome, I'm very much looking forward to the next articles, issues, and podcasts... And also backward. I started listening around podcast 140, but there's still about a hundred I haven't heard yet. It is very cool that I can download and play them on my Evo anywhere, and just when my music collection started getting old!


Andrew Ho

Congrats! Looking forward to all the new content from Maximum Tech and Maximum PC alike. Is Maximum Tech looking for any freelance writers?



clciked the link -- so where is it?

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