OTOY Demonstrates Its Server-Side Rendering System



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I would totaly be into it if I had the ISP speed of Korea or any other ASIA country (plus no cap). I feel even more sorry for those in Canada. Here in the states I get a whopping 6Mb from ATT, I use to get 15Mb from Comcrap till they decided that I was a bandwidth hog (15Gb a month, that what I get for complaining about outages and lack of service).



Can you say bandwidth cap. How long will it take for all ISP to impose them. Also you better have the fastest cable internet to stream full 3D 720p or 1080p game. Good luck with that.

Linux Mint,Dual boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



Hey, you can play games on a mac now!!!

Check out this Rooster Teeth video! URL: http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=118

It 'splains it all.






nothing like a little competition to keep the price in check!  I hope these services work -- then I will finally have a reason to leave Windows once and for all.

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