Origin's EON17-SLX Laptop is Ready to Dance with Dual GPUs



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That's pretty impressive, but how is the cooling? I feel like with gaming laptops, within 20 minutes you have a $2k heap of slag.



To answer the question; no.

But it also depends as to how far one overclocks on items like the processor and also the graphic card(s). Also noting that (although Microsoft doesn't really like desktop gadgets anymore) one can use items like this to monitor the specs of ones computer. For a true power user one can use "real programs" to also monitor critical performance.

But under factory settings... Most all computers would shut down long before any real damage would occur.

My Origin laptop has a six core. I'm able to overclock it to about 4.o x 6 for extended periods of time and under full load - all without any ill effects.



Is OriginPC affiliated with the EA gaming service Origin?



Ahh the laptops sager sells are more impresive for a lower price

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