Origin PC Starts Shipping Beastly EON17-SLX SLI Laptops, Bundles Gaming Peripherals



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There's really no point in it playing Bad to the Bone if it's battery life won't last long enough to finish the song.



Ships with a "messenger bag"!?!?!? Shouldn't that be a fully insulated, ultra-tough aluminum case for this $3400 beast that's worth more than my car?



I cant WAIT until they create a Laptop Mobile Graphics Standard that is adopted by all Laptop Manufacturers like they did with Laptop 2.5 inch standard Hard Drives. Tired of having to buy a new Laptop every 3 years because of a Outdated Graphics Card. I know Dell had one for it's early XPS / Inspiron 9100 line, but that didn't last long.



Because the TDP varies from 20W to 100W, your dream will never come true. You don't want your ultra slim to have a slot that is outfitted for a 100W Graphics card, it wouldn't be ultra thin then. Likewise you don't want to waste materials and space on a card that may or may not be there.
Lenovo is doing something similar to what you're asking for. Check out the maximum PC article on it. http://www.maximumpc.com/article/%5Bprimary-term%5D/lenovo_ideapad_y500_review



Sadly that Lenovo will never have more than 2 of the same GPU in it, allowing performance to get a one-time almost-100% boost and that's it. If their primary GPU also were on their expansion card system then that would be different but as it is now that lenovo will still be outdated as it can never go higher than 650M SLI or 670M SLI, depending upon model.

As that very MPC article points out, that Lenovo itself is already outdated as the 650M SLI can't truly game at the 1080 resolution of its screen.

Maybe if IBM/Lenovo is pushing the upgradable laptop GPU it will catch on but I have doubts as I recall having upgradable laptop GPUs before and then they went extinct.



I bought a Valkerie(Clevo-based) from IBuyPower PC, and it is almost fully upgradeable by the user. They even post the details so that the user can install everything themselves, including how to OC the GPU(nVidia only)

It's upgradeable for single-gpu only, and since I already had a gtx680M 4gb installed, that's as good as it gets for me, and from what I heard, it's a $350upgrade, so it's not exactly something that I'd consider if I had a 670M in it instead, but for lower-level GPUs, it's doable.

EDIT: Ok, I failed to see that you're talking about more than just single-gpu rigs.

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