Origin PC Crams Kepler Based GeForce GTX 680M GPU into EON15-S, EON17-S Gaming Laptops



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I still hate to buy any laptop over $800. I'd like one, don't get me wrong, but without being able to upgrade parts, I just see it as a horrible purchase. 2 years and games wont even play on it. Still better to play hardcore games on a desktop and same desktop counterparts are cheaper. Sure you dont get the portability of a laptop, but who wants a hot brick on their lap anyway? Meh >.>



Well then, your problems have been solved good sir. Most gaming laptops today (MSI, Eurocom, etc.) are specifically built so every single part can be replaced in the future. Processor, hard drive, graphics card, RAM, etc. can all be replaced. The only thing that is still a bit iffy is motherboards (and screens, which are almost impossible to replace yourself, but as long as you get a 1080p one there shouldn't be a problem), but with a bit of work you can get it replaced in no time. These are all DIY of course; even the screen can be replaced if you're willing to send it in to a professional firm/shop/thing.

Finally, laptops (or gaming laptops, in this situation) are for people who CAN'T have a desktop. Be it frequent movement, long times away from home, or simply security, many households feature nothing but laptops. It's not feasible to buy a "powerful, home desktop" alongside a laptop (that has to have similar power to bring your work on the go), or logical, for that matter. Instead, one powerhouse of a laptop is all you need.



heh, I watched my son playing Diablo 3 on a 6 year old Dell laptop. Never say never...



Any idea what the 3DMark score for the chip is? I saw something posted that had it around 4,900, not too shabby.

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