Origin Integrates Xbox 360 Console into "Big O" Gaming PC



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I remember something like this from around 1990...




if it has an xbox mobo crammed in there does it share the dvd drive? do they reroute all the plug ins on the console with extension cables or something? and does it turn on with the computers motherboard? does it have a seperate output on the back for video? does the xbox os run inside of windows or do you have to change the input on the tv? how is it integrated? does the video out on the console flip around and plug into an input on the pc so you can window it or something? sounds like a lot of info is missing.



If you owned or are familiar with the Dangerden case(Which is a hideous BUT Spacious monstrosity) THey probably have the PC on one side of the case, and then the 360 hardware on the other, i know this because i thought about doing it with my 360 in my Dangerden case, but now i'm planning on selling the system entirely as the case takes up entirely too much room, and It's more of a hassle than it's worth, it's as big as my server rack almost. It's a cool idea but the whole point of the case being that huge is to build ridiculous watering cooling loops in.


Keith E. Whisman

Is there a way for the connectors to work with both the PC and Xbox so that perhaps you can toy around with the Kinect? 

Get rid of that crusty Fatal1ty soundcard, that thing just brings the value of this rig down to almost worthless. Hell spend the money saved from that sound card on bigger sandforce controlled SSD's. 

I'd also go with 24 gigs of DDR3 and an 980X 6core or maybe wait for the Bulldozer 8 core processor from AMD. 

I can't wait to see what systems benchmark with that Bulldozer processor. So it's just too soon to purchase or build a rig right now. Wait with what you have for now until Q1 2011. 

I want the Fermi 485 or the 5870X2 for graphics options. 

So for right now, that sound card sucks, the processor is just old news, the storage options suck and come one Windows 7 Home? $7,700 doesn't get you Ultimate?

No just wait till next year. Time flies.



nah, just give me the PC.




That's an interesting concept. PC and console in one box.

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