Oracle Suing Google Over Android



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Talcum X

That's all I gotta say about that.



Lawyers are dime-a-dozen when 90%+ of all people use your money in the bank search engine



Google's response will be Google's standard response to threats:

F^%# you, we're Google.



Just driving right on by Oracle HQ, pretending to take streetview pictures, when they were actually hacking Oracles wireless networks and stealing the datas.



Oracle's acquisition of Sun was one of the worst things to happen in  computing.  I don't know if Oracle understands but Java's lost its most prized developer (James Gosling) and they're losing respect from the very community that they should be representing (i.e., Java developers).

Anyways, it turns out (according to Wikipedia), Sun licensed most of its Java compiler to GPL and there were alternatives such as the GNU Java compiler that stemmed from the licensure.  If Google can prove that its Java compiler uses the GPL version rather than the Sun version, I'm sure they won't have any problems.



I agree with the prevailing sentiment thus far.  I thought it was absolutely horrid that Oracle got its grubby hands on Java.  Despite all the talk, Oracle has never come across as a champion for open technology and the community, and I don't think they will be (as we are begining to see) a good steward of the technology.

Now, I've read that this could be mostly about how Anrdroid is implemented (much like the issues Sun had with Microsoft's implementation of Java in windows back in the day).  If that is the case then I am a bit less concerned about this...but I still do not trust Oracle with Java, MySQL, VirtualBox or any of Sun's software IP.

Oracle is just the middleware and back-end equivalent of MS imo.



I though java was open source.  People use it everywhere and to my knowledge don't buy anything to use it/program.  Sort of seems like that would weaken Oracle's case, but they must think they have something. 



Java isn't an open standard, which is why Microsoft developed C#, as a way to have a similar language with the features they wanted.



I too, can see this going out the door fast.



wonder why they waited so damn long. i see this going down the tubes reeeeel quick.


Zachary K.

oracle acquiring sun was bad, java was free to use and great. now it is owned by a big corporation whose only goal is getting as much cash as they can so the CEO can get another summer home and helicopter.


Keith E. Whisman

Don't forget the G5 business Jet.....

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