Oracle: Hewlett-Packard is "Strategically Screwed" without Itanium



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Interesting. Both Oracle and HP have been losing market share by pitting RISC and Itanium against x86 architecture, 7% loss in third quarter of last year. HP is changing its position somewhat by giving customers a choice of Itanium and Xeon blades in the their servers. Oracle looks on the out due to locking itself into RISC. As Paul said, IBM is the real winner here, having 27% revenue growth. HP is still number one though.



That if HP don't stop sinking money in a processor platform that no one wants to program for ( leave alone support ) HP will go the way SGI did when they got in the Itanium bed ...

All the major players in Linux and Windows has put a nail in the coffin. Intel is laughing all the way to the bank.

I dunno .. I think any litigation should be thrown out.



the article shows how HP misstepped on the server side as well. the payment to intel means nothing- they are only trying to keep thier customer base alive.

the fact that Oracle is a direct competitor through Sun is the main issue- and probabaly why oracle pulled support.

HP probably was already looking at changing to a new processor but now it is critical- I expect the 32 % drop will just grow larger as this case grows

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