Oracle Founder Joins the Elite $1 Salary Club



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Slow news day, eh?


And you forgot Steve Jobs from Apple,Inc.



If his salary last year of $1M was only 1.2% of the total compensation package he will still bring home over $98M in fiscal 2009/2010. 


I harbor no ill will but damn, that must be nice. :) 



other than the possibility of this being short term, as another poster stated i also have no ill feelings tward this. with that kind of money these CEOs could live very comfortably off the interest gained through their savings accounts.  ignoring the 'evil coporprate america' aspect they earned their salleries.  way more than sports stars.

on a side note this may save them money, atleast looking at dirrect income theyre making pennies/hr thats third world income..meaning very low to no taxes.



he payes taxes on everything he legally takes home. every form of income is taxed. he just "looks better" in the public eyes.




Holy mother.... 1 mil was 1.2% of his annual income last year?  The mind boggles.  I don't harbor any ill thoughts toward him for it, if I could make that much legally I would do it in a heart beat.  I am envious if anything.

However, the $1 salary thing is nothing but a PR stunt.  The guy already has more money than he can ever reasonably use.  He made more last year, MUCH more, than I will in my entire lifetime.



 taking a page from Richie Rich is he?

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