Optimus Popularis Keyboard Might Actually Ship on Time



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I'm confused - are there also LCD/OLED panels underneath the keys? Or is it just the strip above the numerical keys that sports a display? Nontheless, at close to $1000, I'll never be getting one - I can get the new Mac Mini for only $700 and this thing only displays: the weather and stock info's?



Overus Pricedus might be a better name for this.  Why do I want this?  If there's some huge surge in inflation, the less the $1 large might not be too horrid.  Looking at this picture, however, I'd say anything over a Hamilton is too much.



I've always appreciated the concept of these keyboards, but the price and the lack of any ergonomics boggles my mind that someone would actually pick one of these things up.  You have to have some serious disposable income to justify this.

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