Optical Drives Inch Closer to Obsolescence, Ultrabook Prepares Eulogy



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I don't mind lacking an OD in a second PC, as I can download drivers to a thumb drive and make a USB OS install drive with my main PC, but I still want an ODD in my desktop. As I said, I need it for software (and getting software on USB stuff for a second PC), and I use them for photo backups and ripping CDs. If I had several PCs, I'd be OK with just having an OD in one, but I still need that. None doesn't quite work for me.



"Gaming ODD" WTF is that? I've searched Lite-on's site but can't find any reference to a "gaming" optical disc drive. 






I have never tried it before, but can you install an new build's OS with a external optical drive?



Some people are already taking flying cars to work....

Not a big fan of "The Future Is Here" marketing, especially when the future is NOT here just yet.

It's hurt the industry that Blu-Ray burners haven't dropped in price fast enough to get them installed in more machines. And the industry should have invested in backup formats at pace with current hard drive sizes.

Too many folks watch those iPad commercials and believe that's actually how well that shit works.

We will always need a way to get data into a computer that doesn't require the Internet.



if for no other reason than for back up an storage of critical files

I can see a need for optical media

when it all goes sideways, and you have a melt down on your hard drive or net book or ultrabook

back up media is always a safe bet.

I can recreate 90% of my PC TODAY, from the stored files I have on dvd media rite now. It has saved me more than once in 10 years and to be honest the rush to declare a functioning device obsolete just because you can is to say the least stupid and a bit arrogant.



Holy crap I loved this episode of TZ.  Great story :)



I don't get the geek cred for knowing where it came from but do I get it for using Chrome's Inspect Element to see your file storage named the picture and episode?


<img src="/files/u69/twilight zone obsolete.jpg" etc...




Split the difference and give yourself 250pts.



I guess I should get at least 250 pts. for knowing it was from Twilight Zone, right? ;-P



The thumbnail pic is from a Twilight Zone episode. I can't recall the exact name of the episode, but that's the show it's from.



Unless they start shipping OSes on thumb drives or some other form of new media, I dont see the ODD going away just yet.  We still need a way to get an OS on the machine, and not everyone has the advantage of another computer laying around to build a bootable thumb drive.



I can see that heppening. I just bought an 8 gig thumb drive for $8. Add that $8 onto the price of an OS and delete the slow, mechanically complicated, battery sucking optical drive from my laptop and I'll bite...

I can't remember the last time I used the CD players in any of my cars (they've all got USB inputs, so I use thumb drives). I've got a DVD player I've used once and a blue-ray I have yet to ever use (I only bought it for its Netflix streaming capabilities). The only time I ever open the optical drive on my laptop is when I accidentally press the eject button.


The optical drive isn't dying, it's dead

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