Opposite Day: Record Labels to Pay Tidy Sum for Stealing Music



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Artists themselves are also stealing music, not just the record-companies. The best example is last year's Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom hit song. They stole the song from a local school's mascot song that had been on Youtube years before their album came out. It made headline news.



I wrote a long response to this, but couldn't post it, as it was flagged as spam. Could you at least tell me what I did to trigger it so I don't do it again? Was it because I used copy and paste? Because I kind of like copy and paste. Especially when (for whatever reason) my browser's spell check doesn't work in your site's comment boxes.



Unfortunately, the court wouldn't award a $6 billion or $45 billion reward. However, the plaintiff should seek the kind of damages they would against individuals in an RIAA case. $45 million is too low, though. Maybe ~$500 million?




It should be $45 BILLION. Not million. To exact revenge on fans of the artists who downloaded a few songs of kaazaa and were forced to pay money they didn't have.

Yet i'll easily spend hundreds on concert tickets to support my artists rather than throwing more money at the fat-cats in suits who abuse their moneymaking pawns (the artists)



I wonder if the big record companies would be willing to let some of the people they've sued for outrageous amounts settle for 0.0075% of the initial amount they are claiming in damages?

Rhetorical question. I know, I’m fooling myself.

And now that I think of it, isn’t including a track without permission, but noting it as on a ‘pending list’ very similar to someone illegally downloading something as a way of ‘testing’ if the final product is worth the asking price? (Not condoning the act, just noting the similarity)



That's what happens when you have an army of lawyers getting paid similarly outrageous amounts.

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