Operation Anger-Rage: Fallout: New Vegas DLC Goes Xbox 360-Exclusive



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makes me not want to pay for their games anymore... Id still play em, just not pay for them.

I always pay for the games I love to show support for the devs so that they keep making great games. Saying stuff like no dlcs for pc, is pretty bad for people like us who paid for the games. I can understand saying xbox first and pcs later, but like this... sadface.



I was wondering if this might happen when New Vegas dropped Live from the PC version pretty late in the development cycle. The waiting period probably won't be more than a few weeks to a month, and considering I won't have to use Live to implement the DLC that is a very small price to pay. Anyways, besides Broken Steel, was any of the Fallout 3 DLC anything you couldn't live without?  



I don't understand how a "partnership" between Microsoft and Bethesda means PCs don't get DLC. Last I checked, Windows was a Microsoft product. So it's either "Microsoft owns our ass" or "Pirates D:"



Um....Strange, the DLC for PC was out on pirate sites since yesterday...



you've got to be f**king kidding me bethsoft. after Fo3 and the massive pc support with the geck and all 4 DLCs, you're just gonna sh*t on our faces and tell us to suck it?


Zachary K.

i was on the fence, no i know i am not going to buy it. lets just hope that one day, a GotY like edition with all the DLC comes to steam.



So long Bethesda and *sob* Fallout series.

I thought we were getting along so well.  Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea, and someone will take your place.  I'm just glad this came out before I committed myself again.  

Thanks for saving me $50.



Their love affair with GFW Live is the reason I haven't bought a single DLC for Fallout 3. I wanted to, but I refuse to buy anything that is exclusively obtained through that travesty of a service, or that requires it's use in any way.

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