Opera Software Introduces Tab Stacking in Opera 11 Beta



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I've been an Opera user for, well, must be like ten years now? They were way ahead of the pack when it came to browsers, and it's only gotten better as time has gone on. I'm really glad to see them working on extensions.



This is a pretty cool idea but Opera has always been able to innovate. On a side note, will someone please DDoS attack the spam site that hit all the threads today? Let's make those zombies do some good for once! 



My pc recently got a virus while I was snoozing. Although most executables would not load, I was able to pull up task manager. After CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Antivir were through firefox wouldn't run. Chrome wouldn't work, just click throughs. I managed to get iexplorer up and DLed Opera last night... Wow! I am no longer a chrome fanboy. I am very impressed to see that Opera does a better job at some of my favorite Chrome features like speed dial and zooming in.

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