Opera Joins Chrome and Firefox On The Rapid Release Bandwagon



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Will anyone axctually care what happens to Internet Explorer?



You do not know what you're talking about, Opera is NEVER gonna adopt the rapid release cycle, in fact all Opera employees make fun of the concept, it seems you never kept up with Opera's development, basically they release a snapshot every week or so, with the last internal fixes (if it's not stable enough they do not and skip it for next week)... Opera recently released 11.5 with TWO high profile features (Password syncing for Link, and Speed Dial extensions), why didn't they slap 12 on it and call it a major version? because Opera is NOT adopting said cycle, any other vendor would've called it a major leap and slapped and new version number on it.



Opera was already doing the rapid release thing. Every week, I see an article here about some new Opera version (11, 11.10, 11.50, etc.). And Opera hit version 10 before anyone else; I remember it causing a stir, due to the fact that no other browser expressed it's version with TWO numbers, and could cause some issues with some web servers looking at user agent strings.



Yay, another browser to jump on the stupid release schedule bandwagon!



Hardly see how, means faster fixes and faster new features. If the size of the number bothers you, don't look?

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