Opera Dev Bites at Apple for Undermining Open Standards with "Malicious" Patent Grabs



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This is actually worse than typical patent trolling, which is bad enough. This is along the lines of RAMBUS' attempt to corner the DRAM market by poisoning the developing standard with stealth patents they would sue over later. Apple has joined them and SCO as the worst offenders among "patent griefers," since their goal here is not merely a quick buck, but to choke off any innovation or competition in this segment even before it gets to the marketplace (where consumers decide the winners and losers).

This is an informative example of just how far many companies have moved away from capitalism and free enterprise in favor of this unholy amalgam of government power and corporate greed. Using (abusing, lobbying, buying off) the government to kill your competition in its crib is not capitalism by any measure.



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