Opera Browser for Android Out of Beta, Officially Launches



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Other comments are pointing out that Opera Mobile and Opera Mini have previously existed. Though the core statement, that the new "Opera for Android" is out, is true, the opening of the article does make it seem like the OMs were never on Android.

And another thing: now that Opera is using Webkit (damn it), when's the source coming out?

EDIT: Whoops. Not Blink just yet.



Not much luck finding info on the following. Does anyone know how to access the settings in the new version? Used to be opera:config, but that's no longer working. I'd like to change the location of the urlfilter.ini. Thanks.



I was using opera for a while tell google got some issues with chrome worked out. Now that chrome is ironed out about 1 yr later i have switched back to chrome its much faster for what i do.



I have always prefered Opera on my TF Prime. I have tried most of the other browsers and have always found opera to be the most reliable albeit a little slower. Particulary with many open tabs. While I dont mind the looks or design of the new opera, my prime has locked up 3 times this morning as I was road testing the new opera. Cold boot required each time. Not happy Jan!
And any tabs you open appear in order but back to front. The first background tab you open will appear at the very end. And to get to it you have to swipe through every other tab to get to it. It just adds another step to get to the first Tab you opened originally. Frustrating .....



For you people talking about having used opera for a long time on android. If you had actually read the article or hell even the whole title, you would know it doesn't say that it JUST came out. It just states that it is officially out of beta. As a MPC reader I sure hope you know what the term beta means.... ill stick with dolphin though, designed from the ground up for mobile and I like it.



You would be correct, except only version 14 came out of beta today. There has been a stable release for quite some time.



That and the prior versions were called Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Not just Opera.



Come on, MPC...even you guys should know that Opera has been around for Android phones for a long time. Heck, they've even had two versions available...Opera Mini and the full version.

So...what's different with this update?



A de-implementation of Opera Link and tossing out Presto for Google's Webkit fork, Blink.



I've been using Opera Mobile for YEARS first on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile, and now on Android (I've been using it on Android since I got my Galaxy Nexus when it first came out in 2011).

All they did today was release version FOURTEEN of Opera for Android.

This is some rather shoddy reporting.



I have been using oprea on android for like 3 years you are way late for this news,




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