Opera Advocates Browser Extension Standard



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is  opera that browser company like netscape before it, that whined and complained about their supposedly better product should be helped by microsoft to make it more relevant than the 1% share they have?

Its amazing how pathetic company's can be when they are not able to win market share like they think they should, when you cant win, SUE. We see how well that worked for SCO

Even so with this silly proposal of extension standards, its just another way opera is looking to have some help with acceptance from the alternative browser community.  Opera can not get enough external developers to assist them with extensions, so hey lets make it a standard and then the extension can be used on our little browser too.  Guess they will be suing google or mozilla next for extension monopolies. 

So when the third rate developer builds its extension, it goes viral, and its the same code across every browser platform, then when a hacker finds the vulnerability in the code. Well then every browser is impacted, including the 100 people using opera.

Go fly a kite.




What you don't seem to know is that Opera pioneered most of the features that you love so much about every modern browser, page zoom in 96, browsing sessions 96 (you know the thing that can now save all of your open pages when YOUR browser crashes), web search from the field next to your address bar 2001, web search from your address bar, pop up blocking 2000, support for gestures in 2001, among others. Web standardization has been one of the goals of Opera from day 1 they were the first browser to pass the acid 2 test and one of the first to pass acid 3.

 It's not like nobody uses Opera either, yeah they only hold 1.6% of the browser market share, unless you look at mobile devices, where opera is the most used browser boasting a 30% share. Paints a different picture doesn't it.

and its not like I even included that Opera has a bittorrent, mail and irc client already built in.

Oh yeah, It's also faster than a potato!!




Opera pioneered a lot of things and has been around for a long time. Something that surprised me recently was that when I installed Opera 6.0.3 (I think) on my classic PowerMac not a week ago it properly rendered almost any page; I could even check MaximumPC and view content rich sites like YouTube or Valve game related pages (albeit without flash support, but that's Adobe's fault). Although they didn't have much of a market share back then, either, it was probably comparable to what they have now when portable devices are included.

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