Opera 12 with "Sexier Security" and Themes Galore Now Available to Download



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Yeah, nah.



Have not tried Opera in many years, so I decided to give V12 a shot. At first glance, it looks like chrome, so strike one. Second strike came because there were too many bars, panel bar, status bar, bookmark bar, location bar. Sure you can turn them off, but I could not figure out how to combine them, of course did not really dig deep either. Strike three, it crashed within 15 minutes of using it while on TVGuide.com to check what was on and needed to configure the site for my zip code. All in all, I still just don't like Opera. I did like, not sure what it was called, but when you click the address bar a menu opened giving you the option to view bookmarks, etc. This would be a nice feature to see in firefox. Maybe some people like it, and that is fine by me, I will stick with firefox for now.



The zoom fuction stay the same When you visit different web pages this was my main gripe about past versions on my flat screen it would always Zoom out thus making it unreadable.



So why should I use this browser instead of Chrome? I have no need for extensions (thanks Ad Muncher!), Flash is integrated with updates so I don't have to keep track of it, every website loads quickly and cleanly (without any rendering issues), and I've had hardware acceleration since Jesus was around. So unless proven otherwise, this browser is in the "me too" category with Safari.


The Corrupted One

Opera also functions really well on slow internet.



So NOW can I double click on text and not have a stupid context menu come up as a result?

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