Opera 11 Release Candidate Now Available for Download



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i have been using opera for over a year now and i must say that it is FAR faster than chrome, opera not only walks the walk but it can talk the talk as well. thats right, opera looks stunning in windows 7 and vista with transparencies and several advanced transparent skins. i will not use any other browser, even firefox. i find that the looks of firefox (even with persona's) is just terrible and bulky. chrome however is compact but severely lacks in the features department. opera is a bit torrent client and compresses webpages for fast loading on bad connections. there are dozens upon dozens of features of opera you should check out. and with the release of opera 11 they just added to the stack. ive been using the beta for a couple weeks and i must say it is quite nice with addons instead of just widgets.

i have however noticed that some features of google seem to be having problems on and off with opera. i know they're jealous but they don't have to be like that. just because google boasts the fastest browser doesn't mean they have to try and mess with the actual fastest browser. yes, opera is faster than google chrome. fact. but the nice people at opera are content with having everything else than to get into a quarrel with google.

let them boast their speed, but in our hearts we know we are faster.


here is a link to one of my favourite skins.


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