Opera 11.50 Beta "Swordfish" Browser Now Available for Testing



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Opera has been around for a long time and invented many of the features used in Chrome and Firefox. I think those are great browsers too, but since I've been using Opera for something like ten years, I'm not about to switch.



@biggiebob123456: Don't dis Opera, it's pretty sweet, it's just that there's not enough addons and tweaks like Firefox. If that happens, I may switch.

Chrome is OK, but I personally don't use it because of the potential of privacy or lack thereof (read the ToS and think about the Client ID and the possibility of it being profiled). I am not the conspiracy theorist, but then again I don't want to be profiled if I can avoid that.

Internet Explorer will always be on the bottom of the list until it does these things: becomes independent of Windows, meaning it isn't even shipped with it (not for philosophical, but for security and user preference reasons) *and* it does away with ActiveX, the hand holding and basically its entire code. Not to mention, get more addons going for it. All this may be hard to fulfill on behalf of Microsoft.



This is pretty great. Not sure about hardware acceleration, but it's not something I need.



Wasn't 11.5 supposed to add hardware acceleration?

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