Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" Beta Now Available for Download



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Ad blocking in Opera still stinks for me.  I have tried some of the meager ad-block tools, but FF (w/ABP) still rules in this regard.  I use both on a regular basis.  Any tips from anyone?




I've been using Opera for over three years. Each iteration of the browser exceeds the quality of the previous ---until about 3-versions ago. At that point I lost my ability to scroll drop-down-menus in Yahoo Mail to store my messages. Others have complained of the scrolling issue but it has remained un-fixed. I continue to use Opera because it is SUPER but I can only store my mail using other browsers in Yahoo. What a pain !



Opera is the best browser. There are no arguments against it.


Unlike other browsers, it actually has a lot options in the options dialogue.



Another Opera fan here.

The browser was already really streamlined, and there is very little difference from what I'm looking at now, and what is shown in that picture. This is no big deal. The new speed dial should be interesting, but what's most important is the improved plug in integration and attention to standards support.



[fanboy]Yup, opera has been as streamlined as I've liked it to be for ages because of their big skins database. I particularly like the ones that use Aero, which look awesome with Opera's big prewiew tabs.

I also love the fact that I dont have to go look any further whenever I need an IRC client, dl manager,  feed reader, note taker or whatever. For my torrenting and email needs I use other clients, but Opera has those too. You can even ask Opera to act as a server and host your files.[/fanboy]



[fanboy]Opera has always been pretty streamlined.  Sure, Chrome has introduced some new, nice minimalistic trends, but Opera really started the whole process with tabbed browsing and a high level of personalization in how much (and what) you want to be interrupting your experience with teh internets.[/fanboy]

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