Opera 10 Blazes into Beta, Promises 40 Percent Better Performance



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adblock has been around on opera for a while




Blah Bla Blah. Does it have Ad block?




Those all seem like good enhancements to me.  It's funny how since Chrome arrived to the party all the browsers have become concerned with huge speed increases (I guess I'm thinking of Safari in particular for this).  I'm not sure I can see myself using 25 bookmarks often enough to call for having them on the Speed Dial (plus, remembering the hotkeys for that many?), but I suppose the fact that it's of adjustable size is still useful.  One thing I wish they'd do is make the Bookmarks menu at the top show the same context menu when you right-click a bookmark as when you do the same thing in the sidebar version of the Bookmarks area.  I would use this to "Open in New Tab" all the time in Firefox, so it's a little annoying to me that it's absent in Opera.

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