Opera 10.54 Browser Now Available for Download



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Who cares about security? I want to know: Is Opera still faster than a potato?




Best browser of all times. My default browser since 2002, and never felt like it was inadequate or inferior.

Now all others are catching up, whcih means that Opera's lead is narrowing (everyone caugt up with tabs, mouse gestures are available in ff - soon enough in Chrome, Thumbnails on a new page in Chrome, and FF....), but I believe those guys will find a way to inovate and put us in front seat again.



Edit: It was meant not to be reply but a new post.



Opera Unite, maybe? 



IT's actually amazing concept, but still rough around edges.

I leave it on at home, so I log in at work in order to listen to my tunes.

I used to use the mail client all the time (with my providers account), but it happened that I forgot the pass

so I stopped using it, since I didn't like idea of reseting it the way provider meant it.

And the torrents idea is also good, but I tend to shut down Opera when I am done with browsing so I never picked up on that one. 

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