OpenGL 4.0 Boosts Cross-Platform Graphics Acceleration



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Glad to see OpenGL stepping up to the plate.  I've always been amazed at OpenGL, I wrote a few 3D programs back in college and openGL - though frustrating - was very powerful.  I can see why Romero chose it when he built Doom3.

Anyways, I hope OpenGL 4.0 gives DX11 a run for its money.  



Linux is great for everything except games, and OpenGl is supported under linux, so seeing this get widespread adoption would mean more games on linux hopefully.  I dream of the day I can have steam on ubuntu with games running full speed.



opengl isn't what's holding linux back from having good games built for it.  The PS3 and wii use opengl (well, modified versions of opengl actually) for their games.  Windows has been THE pc gaming platform ever since win3.0, and I honestly don't see that changing soon, even if opengl gets really really amazing. I WISH it would, but it just isn't happening.

I'm pretty sure it's linux's stupid audio and video driver issues, (I pretty much only run linux, I would know) and lack of standardization across distros as to what versions of C libraries are installed (sdl, and whatever else) that make it less popular, that and it's relatively tiny user base.

That said though, directx does have tons of game developers that are familiar with it. I'm guessing probably quite a bit more than are familiar with opengl. I'm not a game dev, I wouldn't know what would be needed to change that trend, but I really wish it would change so cross-platform gaming was a tish better.



I don't care which one the developer used, just bring out good games with good visual.



I am glad to see some movement here. Getting to 3.x was way too long. Direct X needs some competition, and maybe this will start developers to finally move of off Direct X 9. Mind you xbox is Direct X 9 and is not upgrading anytime soon. And developers are doing cross platform to the lowest common denominator, so we will be stuck with 9 till MS retires the xbox.

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