OpenDNS Explodes in Popularity, Records Biggest Growth Week Ever



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I use it for the ability to filter content (porn, malware, etc), however it does break the Google, I'm Feeling Lucky searching from the Firefox address bar.  This is because it prevents incorrectly spelled urls, their site does indicate that there is a fix being investigated.  You can't bypass it by fixing the keyword.url in about:config.



....anyone uses any servers other than the ones they require.  Even'sd probably safe and keeps your info, it gathers, safe as well.  But...everyone has a price.  I realize that in order to use the internet u have to more less hop from server to server...I never understood the need to ADD a hop to w/e I'm surfing.  Sure, it adds a level of security....but its no more secure than the one your ISP uses.

I guess if your ISP has very few or inadequet Domain name Servers, then ther might be a use  for sites like OpenDNS.  Otherewise its just another stoplight between here and w/e.

NOTE:  I've never heard anything bad about any DN Servers but I still don't see the point.



We use OpenDNS... and we love it.





I've been using them for about 2 yrs at our company.  This is our cheap way to block employees from going to social sites and music sites.  Can control it somewhat by adding certain sites or outright blocking others.



I've been using OpenDNS for a while but stopped using it after running DNSBench. To be utterly honest my browsing feels snappier once I changed from OpenDNS (results will vary depending on your location). Granted I lose out on a lot of features of OpenDNS but speed is more important to me plus my internet security does an adequate job as is.

Here's a list of filters OpenDNS offers for basic users (it also blocks phishing, malware and botnets in the security section):

Academic Fraud, Adult Themes, Adware, Alcohol, Auctions, Automotive, Blogs, Business Services, Chat, Classifieds, Dating, Drugs, Ecommerce/Shopping, Educational Institutions, File storage, Financial institutions, Forums/Message boards, Gambling, Games, Government, Hate/Discrimination, Health, Humor, Instant messaging, Jobs/Employment, Lingerie/Bikini, Movies, Music, News/Media, Non-profits, Nudity, P2P/File sharing, Parked Domains, Photo sharing, Podcasts, Politics, Pornography, Portals, Proxy/Anonymizer, Radio, Religious, Research/Reference, Search engines, Sexuality, Social networking, Software/Technology, Sports, Tasteless, Television, Tobacco, Travel, Video sharing, Visual search engines, Weapons



The list is what CAN be filtered, not what is filtered.  I use the customize setting and only filter Adware.  Works good for me.


Talcum X

It filters out the web entirely that everyone would search for, and your left with? LOL

Just looks that way is all, I know it can be configured.  Was amusing to look at the list and think " Well, that filters the entire web out"



is that why people are using this?  I just use google's DNS servers...

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