Open Source Community Blasts Nvidia on Drivers



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Runnin Linux, in particular

People choose to run Linux, rather than Windows or Mac OS, for a variety of reasons. I think that this issue with Nvidia hoarding their graphics driver info is of concern to very few people who actually use Linux. Or any OS, for that matter.

For example, business users, hardcore gamers, and casual users aren't going to care who actually owns the software on their computer, they just want the thing to run Office, World of Warcraft, or a web browser. Generally speaking, of course. 

I would wonder about the actual benefit to end users would be, in the event that Nvidia was to open-source their drivers. For myself, if such an act was to bring the possibility of being able to leverage a video card's processing power to apps like Blender, then I might get excited.



If you are not happy with the choice of Nvidia in this matter, then do not buy their products. Tell them by withholding your money from them.. It's their loss.

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