Open Office 3.0 Nearing Launch – Beta Available For Download



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I was using it exclusively for years (since 1.1.4 or so), then I went to college and was more or less forced to use Office 07. One of the instructors switched to Linux and rumor has it he will start using ODF . I still use OOo for personal use, the off occasion that I would need a word processor.



OpenOffice is great, but I hope the memory footprint is smaller. That's one reason why I didn't use it for awhile. I'm using Office 2007 for college so it's treated me well, but until I get my motherboard replaced for my desktop I won't be too excited for it.



I've been using OpenOffice exclusivly for almost 4 years



This is of course a complete guess, but I would say 99% of users don't actually need MS Office, and OpenOffice would do everything they need and more.  They use it for compatibility with others and because it is perceived as better.  Better in what way?  The MSO2007 interface is terrible, I hate the ribbon thing with a blind passion.  Someone mentioned that OO is slow, but I don't see that on my PC and it isn't anything super special.  Its not SLOW mind you, but its run of the mill.  I think most of the issues with OO is due to the MSO mindshare.  Personally, I use OO and try to convert as many people as possible. haha



If I were a power user, I'd probably use Microsoft.  As it is I barely open wordprocessors or spreadsheets so Open Office suits me more than fine.


Keith E. Whisman

So does 3.0 offer new visuals or what? New 3d interface? More streamlined and sexy? Or is it that same old visuals but has more reliable code and added features over earlier versions?



I've been using OpenOffice exlusively on my home computers for many months now, having uninstalled Microsoft Office.  I am still forced to use Microsoft Office at work due to corporate policy (and locked down machines) but I frequently take my own personal laptop on travel to do work and OOO is what comes up when I launch documents.  Great piece of software and all my friends that I recommend it to have loved it as well.  I will wait for the full release of version 3, but I'm eagerly anticipating it in the meantime!



My copy of MS Office 2000 Professional is now mothballed in it's jewel case, and OpenOffice 2.4 is on every computer I use at home and at work.  MS Office is too bulky and too expensive for my tastes.



even if MS office was free I'd take openoffice



Open Office rocks.

 There are so many features and extensions for it.
Its like using Firefox over Internet Explorer but for office apps. :)

At home we use OpenOffice that is all me and my family use.
It does everything that MS Office would do and then some.
I am constantly finding cool stuff on in OpenOffice.
Check out the below link.

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