Oops! Acer Ultrabook S3 Price, Specs Prematurely Leaked By Italian Retail Site



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When I look at the comments of American consumers I understand why I don't feel considered by today's market as a consumer.

People in America seem to care nothing about:

1- Weight

2- Size (that is, SMALL size)

3- Battery duration

4- Mobile parts (LACK OF)

... To me, a choice between two notebooks of the same size, one with extra SSD and one with optical is a no brainer: SSD all the way, I shy away from mobile parts whenever possible when buying a portable, and I don't see any extra utility from an optical drive (I don't have any big screen to play a blu ray on anyway). And I might pay more to buy one of those new 14'' fitting in 13'' space (by reducing the bezel) than for a 15'' or even 17'', with the same hardware. It's not a matter of "more bang for the buck", or better yet it is: but to me, smaller=portable="more bang".

I guess the main reason behind all these differences is that I walk to my university, and even if it's quite a short walk of 10 minutes (but half of it is on a very pitched slope, quite common in Italy), I want to have a PC that can be easily put into a backpack full of other things, that lasts all day without charge, and possibly not reaching 2 Kg in weight.

So you might have guessed it, I'd love me an ultrabook, although the lack of some good graphic chip like the new nVidias worries me.

EDIT: one more thing... The need/fixation for big hard drives typical of many consumers (in Italy too) is baffling to say the least under my perspective. My data is stored on portable hard drives and it will soon be connected to a router to be available everywhere, so all I need an internal HD for is OS and apps. And I don't need more than 60 GB for them. What I need is SPEED, so SSDs all the way, I would even resort to 32 GB if it wasn't for their reduced speed compared to bigger SSDs.



Intel is just pushing this platform to create a market for their new chips.  They have a solution looking for a problem.

Apple is going to continue to eat our lunch in the portable market while our Big Companies (Intel, Microsoft) keep fooling around with their legacy thinking and products.

AMD is doing their best with Llano, but god almighty Win7 is such bloated crap it is almost pointless until MS either gets Win8 slimmed down for some smaller hardware platforms or just implodes already on Balmer's desk and some other OS rises to the challenge.

Google is missing the boat with Android being stuck on mobile phones (and being locked down by cell phone vendors) and Chrome OS is sitting under the smothering weight of some futuristic everything is on the cloud here rent a pc from us so you don't have to be bothered to support it thinking.  Fine, whatever Google, but at least toss Chrome OS out there so inventive people can play with it.  Quit screwing around with chasing after Facebook.  You can crush them later when you have your OS platforms out there running on real computers rather than on portable funtoys or pilot projects for college students.

As a desktop, the Windows PC still rocks, but the whole mobile platform is passing us by like yesterday's garbage while Intel, Microsoft and Google futz around.  It is making me sick.



ok so seriously, I am a consumer, on a budget and I can get a laptop with the same configuration for 500 -700 on the market now with a 500 hd. add 100 for blue ray


or buy the ultrabook with a smaller hard drive and no optical - granted the additiional 20 gb as readyboost on the board is helpful- but c'mon - is it that much of a win ? or just trying to push the fad (and cost) higher.

Netbooks were low end- tablets cost more than netbooks- now jump 4-500 dollars more to an ultrathin?


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